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LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The American public wants to know if we’ll get more affordable, reliable health care coverage, that provides relief soon.  It’s time to tell the President, House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid:

We need a public plan option with affordable premiums, that pays hospitals and doctors Medicare rates +5% and includes Medicare providers – and all of us want to have that choice in 2010! Put that up for a vote and we’ll support you!

And the bill must include the state single payer option, proposed by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. This amendment would protect states that adopt a single payer program from lawsuits based on ERISA.  (see for details)


House Leadership:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
phone: (202) 225-0100    (415) 556-4862
fax: 202-225-4188  415-861-1670

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
phone: (202) 225-4131   (301) 474-0119

Rep. Henry Waxman

phone, DC: (202) 225-3976
LA: Telephone 1 (310) 652-3095
Telephone 2 (818) 878-7400
Telephone 3 (323) 651-1040
fax: 202-225-4099   323-655-0502

Rep. George Miller
phone: 202-225-2095        510-262-6500
fax: 202-225-5609   510-222-1306

Rep. Charles Rangel
phone: 202-225-4365         212-663-3900
Rep. Pete Stark
phone: 202-225-5065  510-494-1388
Rep. Robert Andrews
202-225-6501 856-546-5100
Rep. Frank Pallone
(202) 225-4671  (888) 423-1140

Evan Bayh, IN: (202) 224-5623
Ben Nelson, NE: (202) 224-6551
Joe Lieberman, CT

Click here to download contact info

From: Progressive Blue Prints
October 4, 2009
It’s time for Progressives to ‘Get To Work’ for a GOOD Public Option in the Health Care Reform Bill

So here’s the plan:

Call each one of the Congress members listed. Pick up your phones! Call ‘each’ of their phone numbers at each of their offices. Tell them how a STRONG Public Option is the only way we can reign in Health Insurance costs. A Public Option will NOT bankrupt our country! It will actually improve the economy. Taking a HUGE burden off of small business, large corporations and individuals in each and every district! Remind them that we have already made a HUGE compromise, since the largest majority of Americans really want a Single Payer Health Care Program! We will not compromise further!

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress
Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

FAX a letter to each fax number at each of their offices. Be clear and use talking points showing all the good reasons to support a ‘STRONG’ Public Option. Be polite, but firm! Tell each of them that you are not going to support or vote for any Representative or Senator who does not support a ‘STRONG’ Public Option. Let them know that we are paying attention, watching all of the debates, committee meetings, and following this and other issues much more than they must think we are. They need to know we are ANGRY with what we have seen!! That we saw the very small but very loud minority of Teabaggers at the Town Hall meetings, and were disgusted by the reactions of the Representatives who folded to such ridiculous and obviously corporate funded, bussed-in agitators.

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress
Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

Twitter: If they are on Twitter, send them tweets. Telling them that you are in favor of (Demanding) a STRONG Public Option. You can send them multiple tweets, but make sure that each is direct and to the point. Make sure they realize that we are watching them, and will NOT vote for them if they do not support a STRONG Public Option. We WILL help find a great Progressive candidate to replace them before the next election, unless they make it very clear that they support a Strong Public Option and are working for what over 70% of the American people are demanding. They MUST vote for a very STRONG Public Option if they do not vote for A Universal (Single Payer) Health Care bill.

While sending Tweets, please change your ‘location’ on your Twitter page. Leave it bank, or simply change it to United States, leaving off any state. There is no reason why they need t know where you are from since they were elected to represent an work for the best results for the common good of all Americans. They do not ‘need’ to know that you may not be from their district. Change your time zone to the International Dateline, until we have won this battle for the best possible Health Care Reform Bill.

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress
Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

EMAIL: Where there are email forms included, please fill out the form, using an address from the district they represent. If need be, use their office address & the same with the phone numbers.

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress
Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

YouTube: If the Representatives or Senators have a YouTube (channel) page, please leave comments on their page. Tell them that they can make all the videos they want, bragging about how patriotic and hard working they are. But if they vote against Health Care Reform with a GOOD Public Option, they are voting against what is ‘best’ for the people, small businesses, labor, and the economy. If they vote against a STRONG Public Option, they are voting against what the majority of the people want and are not representing the people. We did not elect them to represent the will and outrageous profits of the Health Insurance corporations over the needs and demands of the people who elected them. Their job is to represent the people. Health care is a Human Right.

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress
Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

Facebook: All Representatives who have a Facebook page will have their links shown here as well. Please take a moment to send them a message on Facebook also.

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress

Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

Remind Blue Dogs, if they do not vote for a very STRONG Public Option they will be giving the majority back to the GOP. There by loosing any leadership on any committees. And putting the country back into the hands of the political party that destroyed our nation.

Here’s the list of Congressional ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats with phone numbers, email addresses, and (if they are on Twitter) their Twitter names:

Blue Dog Leadership Team (contact info on each is below)

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Administration
Rep. Baron Hill (IN-09), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Policy
Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA-03), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications
Rep. Heath Shuler (NC-11), Blue Dog Whip

Link to Blue Dogs of Congress
Link to Blue Dogs of Senate

(scroll to the far right of the Excel page to find the links to each Representative’s FaceBook, Twitter, Email and YouTube pages)



Call, visit, write or email your member of Congress now:

- to find and contact your Rep.

- to find and contact your Senators.

Call the Congressional switchboard and ask for your Rep. and Senators: 202-224-3121.

We need real health reform now!  Please support [any or all of these]:

  • A strong public plan that would guarantee access and control costs:
  • anyone under age 65 can enroll – even if their employer offers a private plan
    it pays health care providers based on Medicare rates, and bargains with drug companies
  • An amendment to allow states to establish a single payer system
  • A single payer system for everyone

Add To Quad Caucus members: Thank you for standing with the Quad Caucuses on health reform!

Add To Blue Dogs and New Dems: Stand with your constituents, and urge the Blue Dogs/New Democrats to do the same.

Add To some of both or neither: Stand with your constituents and the Quad Caucuses.







About half the Democratic members (in blue) belong to one of the Quad Caucuses: Progressive, Black, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific American. These Caucuses support a strong public plan, and an option for states to adopt a single payer system. They need your support and encouragement!

About half the Democratic members (in red) belong to the Blue Dog and/or New Democrat Coalition. These Caucuses oppose a public plan or support a more limited public plan: holding off on reform until there is a “trigger” some time in the future, or forcing “competition” that benefits private for-profit insurance companies.

They don’t know yet that you care!  Grassroots groups have had success in holding these members accountable.

Some (in green) belong to some of both.

This chart shows the members of the three House Committees that are responsible for the health reform bill. See if they represent you.

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