EQUAL Public Health – APHA Policy Draft

Public Health Is Key To Health Reform
Public health calls for addressing the economic and social determinants of health, which can be mapped by health impact assessments. It also includes health monitoring and surveillance, and clinical preventive services. Universal coverage for affordable health care is a basic human right.

Public Health’s Critical Role in Health Reform: APHA Policy Proposal

Two Sections of the American Public Health Association submitted a policy statement for APHA’s review.  Tammy Pilisuk of Community Health Planning, and Ellen Shaffer of Medical Care, composed the submission.


“I take care of an uninsured patient population.  Not only am I seeing increased numbers of patients, due to the economic crisis, but patients are increasingly less stable related to stress from lack of work and less ability to eat healthfully because of cost.   I anticipate increased domestic violence, and women feeling more “trapped”- and a decrease in programs for assistance… this is all part of things ‘mushrooming.’ “  – Amy Fendrich, M.D.  APHA Medical Care Section.

The U.S. remains alone among developed nations in failing to provide coverage for health care to all residents.  The crisis threatens to become more painful as the economy slows.  APHA members are joining with national leaders who are proposing to reform the health system…

Therefore the American Public Health Association

Urges Congress and the Administration to enact a program of universal coverage for health care that includes all residents, that is affordable for all payers, including individuals, employers and the government, and that is consistent with APHA policies and principles.

Urges Congress and the Administration to support and enact the First 100 Days Agenda for Health Reform, and to continue its approach to health reform: to strengthen and expand existing public health insurance programs, and to improve the public’s health…

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