HR 3962: How They Voted

HR 3962, Affordable Health Care for America Act, passed.

The House passed HR 3962 on November 7.  The vote was 220 to 215.  One Republican, Cao, voted yes.

Anti-Choice Amendment

The House also passed an amendment that would limit access to abortions, by a vote of, 240-194.  It would remove abortion coverage from health insurance exchanges.  People would have to buy a supplemental health plan – basically pay out of pocket – to get an abortion.

How They Voted:

64 Democrats voted yes on the abortion ban.
All Republicans voted Yes, except Shadegg, who voted “Present.”

39 Democrats voted NO on HR 3962. One Republican, Cao, voted yes.

16 Democrats voted NO on HR 3962 and NO on Stupak

23 Democrats voted NO on HR 3962 and YES on Stupak

41 Democrats voted YES on HR 3962 and YES on Stupak

D’s Voting No on HR 3962

Jason Altmire
John Adler
Rick Boucher
Allen Boyd
Brian Baird
John Barrow
Dan Boren
John Boccieri
Bobby Bright
Ben Chandler
Travis Childers
Lincoln Davis
Artur Davis
Chet Edwards
Bart Gordon
Parker Griffith
Tim Holden
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
Dennis J. Kucinich
Larry Kissell
Suzanne Kosmas
Frank Kratovil Jr.
Mike McIntyre
Jim Matheson
Jim Marshall
Charlie Melancon
Betsy Markey
Eric Massa
Michael E. McMahon
Walt Minnick
Scott Murphy
Glenn Nye
Collin C. Peterson
Mike Ross
Ike Skelton
Heath Shuler
John Tanner
Gene Taylor
Harry Teague

D’s Voting YES on Abortion Ban. (boldface also voted NO on HR 3962
Jason Altmire D PA-4
Joe Baca D CA-43
Marion Berry D AR-1
Sanford D. Bishop Jr. D GA-2
John Barrow D GA-12
Dan Boren D OK-2
John Boccieri D OH-16
Bobby Bright D AL-2

Dennis Cardoza D CA-18
Christopher Carney D PA-10
Jerry F. Costello D IL-12
Ben Chandler D KY-6
Travis Childers D MS-1

Jim Cooper D TN-5
Jim Costa D CA-20
Henry Cuellar D TX-28
Mike Doyle D PA-14
Lincoln Davis D TN-4
Artur Davis D AL-7

Joe Donnelly D IN-2
Kathy Dahlkemper D PA-3
Steve Driehaus D OH-1
Bob Etheridge D NC-2
Brad Ellsworth D IN-8
Bart GordonDTN-6
Parker Griffith D AL-5

Baron P. Hill D IN-9
Tim Holden D PA-17
Paul E. Kanjorski D PA-11
Marcy Kaptur D OH-9
Dale E. Kildee D MI-5
Jim Langevin D RI-2
Daniel Lipinski D IL-3
Stephen F. Lynch D MA-9
Jim Matheson D UT-2
Jim Marshall D GA-8
Charlie Melancon D LA-3

Mike McIntyre D NC-7
Michael H. Michaud D ME-2
lan B. Mollohan D WV-1
John P. Murtha D PA-12
Richard E. Neal D MA-2
James L. Oberstar D MN-8
David R. Obey D WI-7
Solomon P. Ortiz D TX-27
Collin C. Peterson D MN-7
Earl Pomeroy D ND-1
Tom Perriello D VA-5
Nick J. Rahall II D WV-3
Silvestre Reyes D TX-16
Ciro D. Rodriguez D TX-23
Mike Ross D AR-4
Tim Ryan D OH-17
Ike Skelton D MO-4
Vic Snyder D AR-2
John M. Spratt Jr. D SC-5
Bart Stupak D MI-1
John Salazar D CO-3
Heath Shuler D NC-11
Zack Space D OH-18
John Tanner D TN-8
Gene Taylor D MS-4
Harry Teague D NM-2

Charlie Wilson D OH-6

Many Previously Pro-Choice Dems Voted for Stupak Amendment by Nate Silver @ 5:52 PM  11/09/09
The chart at the link above lists the ‘yea’ votes on Stupak among those representatives who had a rating of 67 or higher in 2007-08 according to Planned Parenthood, and a rating of 33 or lower according to the National Right to Life Committee. (Note: no freshmen representatives are listed on this chart as they have not been rated yet.)

Catholic parish presence does not explain votes

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