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Resources to Respond to Obama Campaign for Health Care Reform:  For the Public, Women, Public Health

The Obama administration has invited the public to comment online about the need to improve the nation’s health and to provide universal coverage for health care, at  They have also invited us to lead discussions on how to fix health care, at:, and at:

To kick-start the discussion, this page offers resources for public health, women’s groups, and the public to learn about the major proposals for reform, and to begin to develop unified positions:

The Obama plan for health care. First 100 Days Agenda to Advance Social Insurance. Single Payer Proposals. Criteria to Evaluate Proposals. Proposals to Improve the Public’s Health.  Single Payer Advocates on Obama Plan: Pro and Con.  Women’s Health Policy Recommendations.

The Obama plan for health care

Expand Coverage to All Americans:

  • Build upon and strengthen employer coverage;
  • Allow people to keep the coverage that they have and maintain patients’ choice of doctor;
  • Establish a National Health Insurance Exchange that offers a range of private insurance options as well as a new public plan option;
  • Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions so all Americans regardless of their health status or history can get comprehensive benefits at fair and stable premiums;
  • Expand Medicaid and SCHIP and provide sliding-scale premium assistance for low-income people.

See the original full plan at:

See the latest posting at

Click here to see Participant Guide for December meetings

Click here for Moderator Guide

For alternative participant questions, from the women’s health community, Click Here

First 100 Days Agenda to Advance Social Insurance

The First 100 Days Health Agenda frames immediate steps that respond to the deepening economic crisis, shore up and expand existing public programs including Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP, and steps to improve health, and longer term objectives for universal social insurance.

Click here for flyer: Get Aetna Out of My Medicare!

Click here for Preamble

Click here for First 100 Days Agenda

Click here for details about Medicaid

Single Payer Proposals

HR 676 proposes coverage for all all through Medicare, a popular and successful government program proven to control administrative costs. Includes free choice of health care providers, who would work in the same private and public systems as they do now.

Click here for evaluation of HR 676

Click here for PNHP resources on the single payer proposal.

Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus’ Proposal:

What criteria are important to evaluate the proposals’ strengths and weaknesses?  Which provisions are make-or-break?

Click here for Criteria

Click here for Evaluation of Obama Proposal
Women’s Health Policy Recommendations. Springboard for discussion addresses women’s special needs for affordable coverage for quality care.  Also:

A Comprehensive View of Women’s Health. Maternal Care. Cancers. Health Care Reform.Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. Mental Health, Tobacco, and Alcohol Use. Reproductive Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and HIV/AIDS. Violence Against Women and Girls. Women’s Health and the Environment. Public Health Infrastructure.  Active Duty Military and Veteran’s Women’s Health.

Click here for Women’s Recommendations on Health Care Reform

Click here for Women’s Recommendations – Comprehensive List
A Strong Public Plan. Obama’s Hybrid proposal would offer both public and private insurance plans.  Jacob Hacker describes how a viable public plan is key to coverage, cost control and quality.

Click here to see The Case For Public Plan Choice In National Health Reform: Key To Cost Control And Quality Coverage by Jacob S. Hacker, Ph.D

What are proposals for improving the nation’s health?
The Obama proposal to Improve Prevention and Public Health:

  • Require coverage of clinical preventive services such as tobacco cessation services and cancer screenings, in public programs and private health plans;
  • Invest in community-based prevention that will lead to healthier schools, worksites, and communities;
  • Tackle the health and public health workforce shortage and bolster the public health infrastructure.

Proposals from public health to improve the nation’s health, and address social and economic determinants of health:

Click here for Public Health: Problems and Policies

Click here for Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health
Also: See Women’s Health Policy Recommendations, above.

How can we continue to support single payer proposals, and engage in a constructive and supportive dialogue regarding alternatives?

Click here to read Len Rodberg: Obama plan can’t work
[Coming soon:] Why Obama’s proposed public plan is critical, and should be supported by single payer advocates

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