EQUAL PowerPoints on Health Reform

EQUAL Health Network Power Points on Health Reform

Many in the EQUAL Health Network are helping to spread the word: The Truth About Health Reform. The Series offers several Power Point slides from which presenters can choose. If you use these slides please credit the EQUAL Health Network. Our work depends on your support.  Please donate now!

1. EQUAL Power Point Sept. 23: The Truth About Health Reform for Women, Seniors

Updated Power Point with notes, references. The Truth About Health Reform: Seniors, Women

2.  Truth About Reform: Crisis in Access, Cost, Quality Aug2010

This presentation provides timely, reliable information on problems with access, cost and quality of the U.S. health care system.

3. McGann Lecture, Stanford: Young Women and Health Reform. Oct. 25, 2010

4. Presentations at the American Public Health Association, 2010. These presentations are posted in .pdf format.  Contact EQUAL for a PowerPoint version.

Health Reform and Social Justice: P Ellen Parsons Session Nov. 9 2010

EQUAL health reform campaign Nov 9 2010

Keith Mueller, RUPRI. Health Care Reform and the Future of Public Health 

5. February, 2011.  Older Women’s League, Sacramento.

The ACA and the road to a single payer system.  With supplemental slides

Truth About Health Reform OWL Sacto Feb 2011

6.  From HHS: Herb Schultz, HHS Region IX Administrator, Oct. 2010

Herb Schultz Symposium Oakmont Oct. 2010

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