Kucinich, Sanders, Conyers on Medicare birthday

Reps. Kucinich, Sanders, Conyers distributed a letter to single payer supporters on July 29, 2010. The letter said in part:

“Though the effective date for the Exchange waiver was pushed back to 2017 by the Congressional Budget Office to avoid driving up the estimated cost of the bill, the waiver’s presence sent a clear message: if a state thinks it can do better, Congress wants to see it.

“We are encouraged by the progress already garnered in multiple states toward guaranteed health care and we will continue to work hard in Congress to clear any obstacles in the way. The 2017 date can be changed at the same time Congress considers all of the other waivers from federal laws that will be required for the state to move forward. That can happen either before or after a state passes a Medicare for All-like bill.”

To download the letter in pdf, go to the link at the bottom of the following page: 


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