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The Truth About Health Care Reform

 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA): What does it mean for us?What’s the latest on California’s legislation?

What’s ahead ~ this month?  next year?

Questions regarding Medicare?? 

Get the facts  ~  Learn how you can help


Ellen R. Shaffer and Joe Brenner

Co-Directors, EQUAL Health Network

                           Key Features of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

 Expanded Coverage - Phased In         Curbing Insurance Abuses

 Down payments on Cost Controls: ~ Quality Improvements, Primary care ~

Public Health and Prevention ~ Rate Regulations

Immediate benefits:

 SENIORS: $250 drug rebate

 SMALL BUSINESSES: Tax break on paying for health insurance

 YOUNG PEOPLE: No exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Stay on parents’ health insurance to age 26.

 WOMEN: End to gender rating

 The EQUAL Health Network presents reliable, accessible information and progressive analysis on achieving Equitable, Quality, Universal and Affordable health care. Our partners include women’s groups, seniors, unions, public health, the faith community, policy makers and the public.



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