Your Comments: Protect Social Security, Medicare

Following are names, state and comments from people who signed the petition against cutting Social Security in one day, April 8, 2013 (many others signed without commenting):

Comments: Don’t Cut Social Security!

First name State Message
sheila AZ This would be an atrocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please reconsider.
Bernard CA A Democratic President should not be offering this a bargaining chip to recalcitrant Republicans. His mandate is to defend these programs at all costs.
Patricia CA Before asking seniors, people with disabilities and veterans to make yet another sacrifice, the wealthiest 2% should first pay their fair share of taxes.
Janet   CA Chained C.P.I. will be unnecessary if we raise the income tax on Soc. Sec. deductions. Let’s be fair!
arthur   CA Dear Mr. President,                          4/8/13

Please do not initiate, support or sign any legislation that further penalizes low-income vulnerable populations like seniors and single women and people of color regarding their fixed income earned social security retirement benefits.  This is a line in the sand battle from my perspective.  Please hold firm, there are many of us counting on you to be our champion and to not cave in to right wing, Grover Norquist-inspired conservatives.


Arthur Chen, MD

Frances   CA I am 72. Social Security is my only income.
Lara   CA I am a physician. In 1999, six months after graduating from residency in family practice, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had emergent neurosurgery, after which my rehabilitation doctor said I’d be permanently disabled.

I did not qualify for state disability; I had not paid into the state disability system as the union at my work had a separate fund for disability that I was not eligible to receive because I was not a member of the union anymore.

I received SS disability from 2001 to 2003 and eventually received Medicare.

The money and insurance was by no means a financial windfall; the award at the time was $1080/mo. However, the social security disability payments and Medicare allowed me some measure of financial support while I worked on recovering from neurosurgery.

In 2003, I took a job as a patient advocate for a county health system. In that job, I worked with people who had medical bills from illnesses they couldn’t pay, largely through no fault of their own; they were medically unlucky enough to experience illness or accidents.

In 2006, I took a job as the lead physician in a county clinic that treats people with wounds that don’t heal. The wounds don’t heal because of chronic conditions like para- or quadriplegia, severe diabetes, psychiatric disorders, or other chronic conditions. Many of the patients utilize SS, Medicare, and Medicaid to survive.

As a person, a daughter, a mother, a physician, and a voter, I ask that Congress reject any cuts to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid and instead raise revenue from those most able to pay.

I will not vote for nor contribute in any way to the campaign of any politician who votes to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Pam   CA I am a single woman who worked for a non profit for 20 years while raising my three children after divorce. I have worked since I was first eligible for a work permit at 16 and have been counting on Social Security as my non profit workplace had no retirement program. It is my sole source of retirement income. I am more than disappointed; I am angry that Social Security is being threatened when it has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. debt. Stop wars and defense waste and leave Social Security alone!!!!!!
sara   CA I see these women as patients.  They are already struggling to make ends meet.  I hope impoverishing our grandmothers is not the solution to the thievery of our bankers
KEN   CA I strongly object to the proposals to increase Medicare deductibles, a blow to middle-income seniors. I say ‘NO” and want to protect social security and Medicare.

Ken Russell Coelho
Commissioner, AlamedaCounty Public Health Commission.

Diana   CA I voted for a President who I believed would stand up for the “least among us.”  Trying to live on SS is hard enough.  Don’t further impoverish the voiceless in our country.
Susan   CA In San Francisco we already have homeless senior women sleeping on buses at night (rather than risk being in a dangerous shelter).  What kind of America do you want?  Surely not more of this.
Judy   CA Instead of the Chained CPI, we need to have all income subject to social security contribution, not just the first $120,000.
Pam   CA It is unconscionable to take from seniors and disabled to pay for wars and reward the already egregiously wealthy. This is not the America I was raised to respect. What the hell has happened?????????
Jeoffry   CA Let’s keep Social Security a liveable income. There are so many other budgetary subsidies that are better curtailed.
deetje   CA No cuts to these lifeline needs!
Michele   CA Protect our most basic needs!
Caryl   CA Raise the SS payment threshold.
sylvia   CA Rather than reducing the income of vulnerable seniors and disabled people, why not increase the amount of income subject to the SS taxes? It is absolutely unforgivable to punish elderly and sick people on limited incomes for the mistakes of the reckless and wealthy. The Bush tax cuts were profoundly reckless, as was the spending on the Iraq war. Tax those that can afford to pay, do not reduce the meager incomes of the poorest.
Susan   CA Shame on you!!! People are just scrapping by while the military is fully funded. Shame, shame, shame!!!!
Cheryl   CA Shut loopholes for the rich and corporations.
Mary   CA Social Security and Medicare are not part of the deficit problem..  We have paid into them all our working lives.  Why don’t you look to cut the wast and fraud and negotiate for savings on prescription drugs before you go after elderly seniors.  Shame on you.
Barbie   CA Social security taxes should be paid on one’s entire earnings, not just the first $120,000 and medicare should be means tested.  I didn’t earn enough to pay taxes and yet my medicare premium is the same as the most affluent.
Maciek   CA SocSec ads not a penny to deficit and it should be off the table in any deficit/budget negotiations!

The only fair long term fix for SocSec is to lift the cap, and for deficits to raise taxes on capital gains to the same level of taxation imposed on labor, close loopholes for millionaires, impose a financial transaction “Tobin Tax,” stop the coddling of TBTF institutions and cease subsidies to the FIRE sectors of the economy.

On top of the above 5Trillion over the next decade could be reaped from reducing the MIC by half, leaving the US still an unassailable Fortress America.

Go to it!

Kathryn   CA SS is a community covenant, only to be strengthened, never weakened.  It is a measure of civilization.  Please stand by fully funded SS with COL intact!


Carole   CA The easiest and most reasonable way to reform Social Security is to raise the cap.  And the best way to cut Medicare spending is to negotiate with drug companies so we Americans can pay the same lower costs for prescriptions as the rest of the world.  Do not institute chained CPI – and throw millions more elderly women into dire poverty.
Sylvia   CA The proposed cuts would hurt the most vulnerable and would hurt the recovery.
Laurence   CA These are the very reasons I voted for Obama, Mr. President, don’t let us down!!!!
Peggy   CA These cuts are aimed at those who can least afford them. Of course, Congress will never have to worry about how to pay for their medical, prescriptions, groceries, gas for their car, mortgages and from what I can determine they dont really care if I can or not.
Diana   CA This is an absolute betrayal to the communities of color and women who voted to protect these critical programs
Susan   CA This will not work.  Social Security is not a lavish retirement; on the contrary, it would allow me to live (with a small amount in a retirement fund) for quite a few years. This Chained CPI idea, will turn this into a desperate situation. My husband died of a massive heart attack nine years ago. Not a good idea…not even close.
Jacquie   CA This will return seniors and people with disabilities to poverty, the very result that Social Security was designed to prevent.  Mr. President, drop chained CPI and instead increase the contributions of higher income citizens.  Please
Zohreh   CA Too many people depend on their SS and medicare to live.  Don’t cut the benefits to those who can least afford to lose what they are entitled to, and what we as (hopefully) civilized citizens must offer.  Most of us have paid into both.
Harry CO The chained CPI is not accurate, and would hurt seniors, the disabled, and veterans. It is unconscionable and dead wrong. It is a terrible idea at a terrible time.
Ashley DC Our social security tax was just increased and now there are proposed cuts to the program? This is riduculous. We are paying into the program, the government needs to get it’s money from somewhere else…
Frances DC Very disappointing, what are women (especially single women) supposed to do?  Very disturbing
Thomas FL Mr President, how about going after those billions of dollars placed offshore by corporations and the wealthy?   That would make far more sense then screwing over working class people as they enter their senior years.
Michele HI There is no reason to make the most vulnerable in this country shoulder the burden for greedy corporations and corrupt politicians. I will vote against any Democrat who votes against us with this budget!!!
Russ ID I feel BETRAYED by you Mr. President after I voted for you TWICE!  YOU will be the first Democratic president to cut Social Security – do you REALLY want that?!?!
Dian ID I feel BETRAYED by you Mr. President after I voted for you TWICE!  YOU will be the first Democratic president to cut Social Security – do you REALLY want that?!?!
Mary IL In Illinois both parties are unfairly, immorally and energetically slashing the EARNED pension benefit programs of teachers K-University. What they are doing is unconstitutional, but they will find a way to steal from our funds as they have already done for decades by using pension funds to pay other state bills. Between the federal gov’t and my own corrupt state, my husband and I may very likely wind up as second-class citizens. My future has become bleak after 3 decades of faithful and skilled work on the front lines of our society—in the classroom.

I would advise young people to stay away from education as a career in Illinois, and the personal greed and short-sightedness which has spawned this move in Illinois is in other states as well.

Where did my America go?

I trust neither party.

Mary IN Decrease the budget for unmanned, armed drones.

Close tax loops for the wealthy.

Donna IN Please do not make cuts in Social Security and raising Medicare payments. Please do not plunge me into poverty as a senior citizen after I worked as a teacher and served in the U.S. Navy during my working years.

Donna Cohen

Anne IA If I have to explain what it’s like to spend the last 10 years of your life in a wheelchair in a nursing home where the only entertainment is bingo and ladies’ nails day and the occasional trip on the Met Transit bus to Walmart, then there’s no use in trying to convince you to keep our safety nets for seniors. I know where you could find $32 trillion.
Ruth IA Social Security is not the cause of the deficit!  Raise the ceiling on the payroll tax to keep it solvent.  Don’t remove the safety net Americans depend on.
Barbara MD Fight against cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.  Raise the deduction rates on SS – not the Chain CPI
Sarah MA Take cuts elsewhere.  Social Security is security for many people.  You cannot take that away!
Alex MA Taking from the poor to protect the assets of the wealthy? Whatever happened to the Democratic Party? Whatever happened to the President we thought we elected?
Janice MA This is an outrage, another example of the President doing the bidding of Wall St. at the expense of most citizens.
Francine MI Social Security benefits are modest. They do not contribute to the debt.

Almost half of the elderly would be poor without Social Security. Social Security lifts 14 million elderly Americans out of poverty.

Most elderly beneficiaries rely on Social Security for the majority of their income.

This mean-spirited move to cut Social Security is driven by (and paid for) by the greed of Pete Peterson and Wall Street. I guess our President, like most of the lawmakers, has been bought. Our votes and support meant nothing.

Sally MN Inequities abound. We should not make them worse!
Marilyn MO I am blessed that so far I don’t have many medical bills, but those who do, need the resources to maintain their health.
Raymond MO quit trying to bleed the middle class. Go to those who stole everything all along!
kenneth NE Real democrats have to remember what ideals they are suppose to serve. They are the party of FDR not Reagan.

Just because the supposed leader of the party says that this is good doesn’t make it so.

Gail NJ I am very opposed to cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  I believe that the voters will show this during the next elections and after.  This voter will.
maggie NM Please have a look at the Progressive caucus budget and the Robin Hood tax! This will help you decide how to create jobs and how to save money without hurting elders or those on Medicaid!
Kastle   NY As it is, the Index does not accurately reflect senior’s expenses so their spending on necessities is already curtailed.   This proposed cut just makes it worse – not enough for food and medicine.


gene   NY Seniors are vulnerable. Democrats should not take advantage of them, it is not the democratic way. If President Obama is seeking his legacy this way, he will be remembered as the Democratic President who attacked the elderly, women, and minorities.
Louise   NY Social Security does not contribute to the national debt—it is fully funded by payroll tax. Don’t cut my Social Security benefits.
Lucy   NY This is not the way to solve our fiscal problems!
Martha   NY This move is an outrage.
Sharon NC Cut Pharma costs before cutting social security and medicare or using the Chained CPI
Linda NC Social Security does not cost the government!  Please consider the well-being of seniors and people with disabilities, and preserve our rights!
Thomas NC This Robin Hood in reverse
Lori OH Don’t vote for “chained CPI”—what Social Security needs is for the cap on income subject to FICA to be raised. And while you’re at it, make capital gains subject to Income Tax as well. About time the rich started paying their fair share.
claire OH This is not what you promised!  Support your voters…the Republicans don’t bargain SS why are you???
Pat OR Dear President Obama:

Your proposals to link COLA increases for Social Security benefits to the “chained CPI” and to impose higher Medicare premiums on senior citizens are wrong.  If adopted, they would add to the suffering these Americans experience already.  Enacting such cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid would cause your Presidency to unravel and your legacy to be tarnished.  Please eliminate these items from your budget proposal.

Karl OR Instanteous: The time it takes politicians to forget who elected them as they roll over for corporate lobbyists.
Rebecca PA Please attempt to understand how devastating these cuts will be for those of us who depend on Social Security, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.  Cutting benefits, in whatever manner, will literally kill people.
Gene PA We do not need to do this for the country.Social Security and Medicare are the heart of our social compact.
Rebecca WA President Obama- there ARE other ways to make up a shortfall, but most figures show there is NO shortage in the SSI accounts.
Barbara WA Pay the T-bill IOU’s back to Social Security. Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices like any private insurance can do. Raise the income ceiling on Social Security contributions. Set up a “whistle blower” program for reporting fraud and abuse that will protect those who use it. There are many more good and practical ways to protect and grow these programs that will not strip the poorest beneficiaries of the income protection they have paid for.
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