Social Security Petition

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Women, communities of color and allies call on the
President and Congress to protect Social Security, Medicare and

On Nov. 6, women and communities of color gave the margin of victory to a
President and members of Congress who promised to fight for higher taxes on the
wealthy, for more public investment and for careful cuts in spending, while
revitalizing the economy.

Congress and the President must protect the lifelines we rely on through
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Cutting benefits from Social Security,
Medicare or Medicaid would be especially harmful to the health of women, who
live longer but have lower incomes. The “chained CPI”  would cut payments to
women in their 80s by the cost of 3 months of groceries a year. Additionally,
women of color, who already experience a host of health disparities and
difficulties in accessing critical health services would be disproportionately
impacted by any erosion of Medicaid. These cuts would do nothing to address the
deficit.  Such cuts would force women ages 65-67 to neglect needed health care,
worsening chronic conditions throughout their lives.  Reduced income support
would force many elderly women without family or friends as caregivers to spend
down to qualify for Medicaid, and experience medically unnecessary confinement
in nursing homes as a result.

There is a ready solution to raise revenue:  Fairly tax the wealthiest 2% of

We urge you to fight for:

1. No cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits

2. Fairly tax the wealthiest 2% of Americans.

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