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Social Security

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Social Security

For more than 70 years, Social Security has provided vital retirement security for seniors. Americans have paid more than $13 trillion into the Social Security Trust Fund since its inception, and that’s not counting the interest that has accrued. Less than $12 trillion in benefits have been paid out. In short, Social Security has not contributed a cent to the federal deficit and will remain solvent for decades to come. The following fact sheets and analyses provide details about the program as well as the Chained CPI, a widely opposed proposal to change the measure of inflation used to index benefits for Social Security and other federal programs.

Click on any of the following links for more information:

The Social Security Trust Fund is Real
Learn about the solvency of and the law involving the Social Security Trust Fund.

The Basics About Social Security
Learn about how many people are covered, how Social Security Trust Fund, the average benefits and more.

Chained CPI Explained
A guide to understanding the Chained Consumer Price Index.

Impact of Chained CPI on Social Security
What a change to the Chained CP would mean for Social Security recipients.

Fact Sheet on the Overall Impacts of Chained CPI
An analysis of the overall financial impact of a switch to the Chained CPI.

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