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Easyspace Expands Virtual Server

Burstable RAM, according to Easyspace,will allowcustomers to exploit additional RAM resources, which can be particularly helpful installing additional applications or running large scripts, the company said in a press release, the Automated Backup service will allow you to roll back to any version of your server from the previous seven days. and marketing director Errol Vanderhorst said that while Easyspace is a leader in the field, it must expand the variety of services offered in order to remain competitive. think we shown in recent months with the launch of Windows VPS and RDPand now the launch of the Burstable RAM and Automated Backup add on services, that we are responding to the requirements of the market, and we will continue to do so, Vanderhorst said in a statement.

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In May, Easyspace branched into Windows servers when they launched a Windows based virtual private server to complement its new, more powerful dedicated servers announced at the beginning of the year.

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