Digex Earns TruSecure Managed Service Provider Firewall Certification

The review also included an external and on site security assessment of Digex facilities. TruSecure assessed the overall security posture of Digex with regard to the Digex Managed Firewall Solution. Assessment procedures were carried out pursuant to TruSecure risk assessment and mitigation methodology, which addresses five categories of risk: privacy, electronic threats and vulnerabilities, malicious code, physical security and human factors. The goal of the external security scan was to access implementation of effective security controls at every interface point within the Digex information management system. Throughout the testing and analysis TruSecure concluded that Digex has taken appropriate action to prevent exploitable vulnerabilities in the Digex firewall build. The on site assessment of company facilities included a review of the Digex standard security posture in the areas of environment, connectivity, platform, services and human factors. TruSecure audited company security policies against industry standards and concluded that Digex meets or exceeds the guidelines for all these areas. The successful completion of the security audit includes ongoing testing and evaluation to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the Digex managed firewall offering to clients. our multi phase certification process, Digex professional staff demonstrated an in depth knowledge of security vulnerabilities and tactics for thwarting potential attacks, said Peter Tippett, chief technologist at TruSecure. should also be noted that our evaluation showed they had already implemented a solid security posture on the managed firewall engineering build as well as the policies surrounding rule set changes and overall maintenance. Digex we have a concerted focus on security from every angle, said Pamela Fusco, Director of Systems Security operations at Digex. TruSecure Firewall Certification validates our commitment to providing our customers a state of the art, managed firewall environment with the premier levels of security and reliability. The continuous testing we perform in our labs will help ensure that we remain at the forefront of the curve with regard to changing and evolving security technologies.

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