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Changing Bad Habits to Good Habits

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In general, bad habits block you from reaching your goals in life and fulfilling your potential. It doesn matter so much what they are, but it is important to become aware of them and accept the truth of them, and then to take action to begin to change those negative things in your life.

The average person will go through their life making repeated intentions to change their negative/bad habits, but within a short time they are back in the saddle, so to speak, and letting their bad habits run their lives. More often than not, those people find themselves not doing what they wished to do, but doing what they are accustomed to doing.

So how do we change those habits that have outlived their usefulness or are just harmful to our growth?

I’m not a psychotherapist, but I think we can all agree that habits are a fixed way of thinking, willing or feeling that has been acquired through a repetition of thinking or acting.

I want so share my thoughts about good and bad habits in three areas: Eating, Sex and Honesty.

The Good Habits and Bad Habits of Eating

Eating is something we all have to do. We must feed the body in order to function. Keeping our bodies healthy and feeding them correctly will help us in our meditation and spiritual practices.

For instance, try meditating when you hungry, or when you overeaten. Where your focus going to be; not on the peaceful place in your heart area, or on the mantra you listening to. The mind and all the senses will be working overtime to distract you. They already distract you enough during meditation, even when you don over eat.

Remember what you focus on; that what you draw into your consciousness and your life.

Try to see your mind as a container and your consciousness as water. The water will take on the shape/form of the container you pour it into. Practice discrimination and control, and focus on spiritual aspirations as opposed to material ones and your consciousness will be elevated.

It a simple process, take care of the body, and for the most part it takes care of itself.

Does that mean we are all going to get skinny and live a long peaceful life? No.

But it will bring more peace into your life and your mind, and you will emanate more peace in day to day living.

Sex: When is it Good and When is it Bad?

Sex is a natural function of human life. Our human life is meant for enjoyment. We are meant to live life to our fullest, but not get overshadowed by the process of trying to enjoy it. Being respectful toward yourself and others is key. So when does sex become something that is harmful to you, others or the society we live in?

Here one of those ways: when sex is misunderstood by our children as a random act, rather than an act of intimacy between two people, because of the messages that are being promoted through billboards, movies, TV and the Internet, it then becomes harmful.

When sex is used as a means of sensory enjoyment, rather than intimacy, it degrades that act and makes it no more important than having a milk shake or experiencing any other random act of enjoyment. When sex is used as just an act of gratifying our own pleasures, we are not only harming ourselves but others, as well.

Sex was always meant to be a spiritual experience between two intimate people who are looking to enhance and bind their relationship to become one. It is not a random act.

Because of how sex is viewed today and the lack of discrimination surrounding right and wrong, and good and bad, we have an explosion of pornography, sex addiction, rape and the degradation of women as mere sex symbols.

How do we turn that around? It begins with each one of us. We do the best we can by honoring each other. If you are a man, you honor women; women honor men.

In the Ten Commandments, the 5th Law says your Mother and father, meaning we honor all that represents our mothers (everything that represents the feminine and creates life) and father (everything that represents the masculine and provides and protects life).

In the Five Mindful Trainings, the Third One speaks of of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct. I think that one is pretty clear.

The 4th Yama of Yama Niyama talks about sexual responsibility.

When the simple guidelines or spiritual laws are not followed, chaos ensues, integrity is lost and morality falls apart.

The Good Habits and Bad Habits of Honesty

Honesty is like a rebar (short for reinforcing bar, made of steel rods that are the essential structure when using cement and masonry in building). It helps bond and hold our core principles in place. It can be said that it is the most important facet of our moral character. In short, honesty defines who we are.

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