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Colo Firm 7Ticks Leasing Interxion Space

The announcement follows a deal 7ticks signed in January, where Equinix is providing a direct, network neutral connection within the Equinix Frankfurt North International Business Exchange data center between its US based network and the Eurex proximity location in Frankfurt, Germany.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".The company has built proximity POP for many exchanges, and whenever possible, colocates in the same building as the exchange presence, running direct cross connects into the 7ticks network infrastructure.Interxion has 24 carrier neutral data centers, which provide a highly secure physical location with advanced infrastructure for mission critical applications.The facilities offer high density power configurations from 5 to 30 kW, and 24 hour secure access to equipment.aim to provide the lowest latency connections in the industry, and our partnership with Interxion is an important factor in achieving these goals, says 7ticks Scott Caudell, CTO and managing partner. London facility provides world class infrastructure, is located inside the city, and already contains a significant number of capital markets participants. In such a dynamic environment, our customers can improve performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Aurora Telecom will provide the fiber optic foundation for Broighter Networks new Metropolitan Area Network services, while Interxion will house the core network node infrastructure and interconnects. Read More

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