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Block Storage to Sixth Release Folsom

OpenStack has added networking and block storage services to its sixth release, Folsom, which launched on Wednesday.

More than 330 people from almost 50 companies contributed to OpenStack Folsom, about 130 more contributors than Essex, OpenStack fifth release that launched in April. OpenStack says its not only the number of contributors that has increased, but also the diversity of contributors.

The release of Folsom comes as the community has launched the OpenStack Foundation to support developers, users and the entire ecosystem. Several web hosts announced their involvement in the Foundation last week, including DreamHost. It is a founding Gold member of the Foundation, and CEO Simon Anderson will represent Gold members on its board.

With stability and manageability as key themes of the new release, Folsom includes 185 different features, and in addition to new networking and block storage capabilities, has added Hyper V support.

HP and Rackspace are putting Folsom into production, according to the press release.

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OpenStack Folsom automates pools of compute, storage and networking resources, now including emerging Software Defined Networking solutions via OpenStack networking plugins.

To read more about the updates and Folsom, check out the release notes.

The OpenStack community will gather in San Diego in two weeks for the OpenStack Summit. The four day conference for developers, users, and administrators of OpenStack cloud software runs from October 15 to 18. More information on registration can be found on its website.

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