ray bans usa Good luck to the bulls but it’s going to be a long difficult road to recovery and not being able to find a buyer at what you thought was a ridiculous price of 9 bucks a share underscores that.

BlackBerry reportedly abandons sale efforts

Stocks like BBRY can "never" go down further until of course. they actually do.

The question is why BBRY decided to take themselves off the market at this point?

To me the obvious answer is that the offers BBRY was receiving from potential buyers were disappointing. If you read that last sentence and believe what I wrote, then you’ll know that outside of a stock to trade around, BBRY is not something you want to become involved with as a long position. There is more pain to come. Personally, I think there is a very good chance this company ceases to exist within 12 18 months. Of course, there is always a chance some clueless company will come in and try to buy the assets, much like Microsoft with Nokia, but it seems BBRY just went down that road without much success. So here they sit.

Disclosure No current position in BBRY

No it means that their stock will tank but if they get a competent magement team in place they can start to turn things around. The New updates to the OS as well as the new Z30 device are looking really good and could do well.

Nokia managed to unload a large portion of their business to that bonehead Steve Ballmer and Microsoft. Nokia didn’t want to be in the handset business anymore. Blackberry is STILL trying to compete against Samsung and Apple. So, your comparison of Nokia to Blackberry is not really relevant.

BBRY bulls always state that "the new products will pull the stock up" and it’s possible that may happen. However, I wouldn’t count on it and I certainly wouldn’t put any money on that happening. BBRY is circling the drain and it’s pretty obvious. This news today is just another bit of evidence.

Just my .02

Good luck to the bulls but it’s going to be a long difficult road to recovery and not being able to find a buyer at what you thought was a ridiculous price of 9 bucks a share underscores that.

BBRY will be dropping the BB10 in the forseeable future so if you’re hanging on to the stock because the Z10 and Z30 are fabulous phones don’t bother they won’t be selling BB10 phones 1 2 years from now. Maybe they will be getting out of the handset business altogether or modifying Android or WIndows to run on BES more securely.

Maybe they’ll be selling the BB10 to corporate clients but I think the days of BB10 marketed as a consumer phone at carrier stores is over. Scully said it and I agree with him BBRY needed to exit the handset business and time was running out for the company if they didn’t do something soon.

I would like to know what made the BOD decide to stop exploring a buyout though. What happened to all those bidders like Cerberus and Lazaridis, could they not obtain financing either or were the bids too low?

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