moncler outlet uk Aldi grocery store opens in Cooper City

Aldi grocery store opens in Cooper City

Cooper City is now home to Aldi’s latest South Florida store.

The discount grocer opened at 6001 S. University Drive, offering low cost produce, meats and home goods.

Aldi joins other grocery chains adding stores throughout South Florida encouraged by the area’s increasing population. Aldi’s recent openings include posts in Palm Springs, Royal Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and Deerfield Beach.

Aldi says it keeps it prices down by implementing unconventional store practices. To get a shopping cart from the cart station, you need to put a quarter in a slot in the cart. When you’re done shopping and take the cart back, you get your 25 cents back. Aldi says that saves employees’ time retrieving carts.

The grocery chain doesn’t accept credit cards because it says processing fees are expensive. So you must pay with cash, debit and EBT cards. If you want to bag your groceries, you need to take your own to the store or buy reusable ones at checkout.

Aldi stores are typically smaller than other supermarkets. The grocer says that by carrying only about 1,400 of the most sold grocery items its able to lease smaller spaces, paying less for rent and electricity and passing on savings to customers.

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