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Your Comments: Protect Social Security, Medicare

Following are names, state and comments from people who signed the petition against cutting Social Security in one day, April 8, 2013 (many others signed without commenting): Comments: Don’t Cut Social Security!

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Protect Social Security & Medicare!

Protect Social Security 4-9-13 Women, communities of color and allies call on the President and Congress to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid The Issues We must protect the benefits

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Why Equal Societies are Healthier

This Power Point summarizes some highlights of Richard Wilkinson’s and Kate Pickett’s work on social and economic inequality, and health: Spirit Level Equal Societies Slide #1: “[In 1948, the creation of the

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What the Affordable Care Act Really Does: EQUAL Grid


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Stay Tuned for EQUAL blog

Stay tuned for posts and updates from EQUAL.

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